What size are your bottles? Our Kickstand bottled concentrates comes in a 32oz glass bottles. We use amber bottles to keep the sunlight out and your concentrate tasting its best.

How many cups does a 32oz bottle make? One bottle makes about 10 cups.

How long does it last? Our coffee last 4 months and the tea 1 month refrigerated. We recommendend finishing a bottle within 14 days after opening.

Why cold brewed? Our cold brew process produces a coffee that is full bodied and less acidic compared to coffee that is brewed hot. Our filter system also removes all sediment for a clean cup from start to finish.

How do I mix the concentrate? As recommended, pour an equal mix of filtered water and concentrate over ice. A measuring cup with oz readings will be very helpful (3oz of water + 3oz of concentrate). You can also mix in your favorite type of milk ~ whole, soy, almond, etc. Also try adding it to a milkshake or into a White Russian cocktail. Have fun with it.

Where + When do you ship? We ship anywhere within the continental US via Fedex Ground. Most orders will be shipped on the following Monday, we do this to ensure your concentrate does not sit in a Fedex warehouse over the weekend and you get the freshest product possible.

Are our concentrates sweetened? No, we do not add any sugar or sweeteners to our concentrate.

Should refrigerate my bottles even if they are un opened? Yes, we recommend refrigerating your bottles as soon as they are delivered.

More questions? We love getting emails: aaron@kickstandglobal.com